A bicycle is accessible to anyone, regardless of race, culture, religion or social class, it is a tool to the discovery of the inner self and the world that surrounds us. In particular, cycling at the highest level is the combination of speed, ability, physical strength, fighting spirit and tenacity. But cycling is not only strength, it is also mass entertainment and an opportunity for social gathering.

ADRIATICA IONICA RACE wants to be the bridge between east and west, the past and the future, the Environment and humanity. It wants to rediscover and promote territories, beginning from the north east of Italy and passing through the eastern countries bordering the Adriatic and Ionian seas, exploring them through racing and tourism. This race intends to take people on a journey on two wheels, passing through ancient roads and learning about the history of the inhabitants and the great civilizations of yesterday.

Nowadays, more than ever, it is important to emphasize knowledge and dialogue, especially among the people of the territories overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Sport and culture are elements that strongly contribute to awareness, strengthening social cohesion and social welcoming.

All our actions and our entire program rests on these elements of shared sensibility that we would like to transmit to each participant.



A bridge between peoples and cultures which has been a wall for more than a century. Cycling in the footsteps of the Venetian Republic along an ancient sea route, from Venice to Athens through Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.

Discovering history, unknown landscapes, cultures and flavors at the mercy of the winds and life that flows.

Venice-Athens-Venice, two worlds that have always crossed each other and never, as today, appear so far away.

But today, more than ever, there is a need for courage, aperture and connections.

History could help us to rediscover dear old Venice and allow it to become a cultural bridge, reaching farther out than Lepanto.



Fernand Braudel identified the Mediterranean sea as the “liquid continent” where the shrub reigns sovereign and the juniper overruns all; where the scotch broom covered banks are sloping down to sea; where the passerby can feel strong the salty smell of the sea and the resinous pines and firs.

Since times unknown uniqique roads were passing between the Adriatic sea and the Karst, over Istria and to the heart of the Balkans. Many herds of animals and many human groups have left signs and traces of the first men history in the span of centuries and millennia. Cycling in the silent lagoons of Venice and Grado, between the waterfowl kingdom of low sandbanks, and then up to the naked mountain tops of the Karst, or on the opposite coast, in the deserted heart of Istria, along the rugged Dalmatian coast it seemes as the few signs of man are there only to evoke stories of adventures and mythology. In truth, even in the most inaccessible places, where griffins and cormorants reign, the history of man settled in dense layers now being able to tell a thousand life stories, absorbed, embedded, fossilized in the karst rock but still able to shout from the hidden roots of the mountains, from the dark end of inaccessible sinkholes and damp caves the long adventure of the men who have lived, suffered and rejoiced here.

territories and tourism


Cycling is becoming more and more an instrument of discovery and well-being, conquering people of all ages, and used as the ideal means of slow tourism as well as a means of urban transportation. Aware of the great potential of this practice ADRIATICA IONICA RACE wants to be an opportunity to promote, on a large scale, the beauties of these lands. We aim to travel through these territories discovering new places and ancient traditions made of culture, art and food, tracing unusual and fascinating “trails”.


ADRIATICA IONICA RACE is not just a race, it is also a booster for heterogeneous lands and their values ​​and traditions that have not yet been entirely explored.

ADRIATICA IONICA RACE aims to be a new way of organizing a cycling competition, through a modern and dynamic format. By means of a variety of competitions that meet todays needs: individual time trial, team time trial, night race, in line race with the inclusion of dirt roads and spectacular uphill arrivals.

ADRIATICA IONICA RACE is a cocktail of emotions, in which every ingredient is perfectly balanced. We aim to rediscover by bicycle an ancient route, reopen cultural boundaries while imagining the adriatic and ionian seas as great bridges between civilizations.

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